Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Remedies for Burns


-If you get a burn just put BUTTER or MARGARINE on it

It will help a lot.

-Immediate application of ICE or CHILLED water can limit the extent of damage.
It should be followed by Medication.

After the cold treatment, you my gently sponge the area with soap and warm water, then apply a Vaseline dressing. Bandage this firmly in place. The pressure helps to control the pain and reduce the loss of body fluids.

Apply alcohol or soyabean paste to the burnt area. This will reduce the pain.

For burn skin treatment, apply some aloe Vera on the burnt area. It will relieve the pain.

Cut a potato and put it on the burnt area. This will reduce the pain and prevent the scarring.

Spread a coat of Nail-Varnish on the burn. Once dry, the film is going to prevent infections and stops immediately pain

Put Colgate toothpaste on the burn. It will give instant relief.

Apply regular yellow mustard to the burn. Once it dries, wash it off and this will prevent it from blistering.

Apply vitamin E cream to affected area and take vitamin E supplements. This will not cure the sunburn but it will help reduce itching and will speed recovery.

Prepare a yogurt-based paste with barley and turmeric and apply to affected areas. This is very effective home remedy for burns.

Boil water and steep many tea bags to a very strong tea in a large pot. Add ice until the tea is just slightly warm. Put a bath towel into the pot and keep turning the towel until it has soaked up all of the tea.. Place the wet towel over the burned area of the body. Leave the towel on for a half hour for a moderate burn and an hour for a strong burn.

Apply Colloidal silver this is a natural antibiotic and disinfectant if the burn is very painful.

Honey has antibacterial properties and will promote healing. After applying honey cover the area with some gauze.

Make a decoction using 3-4 tea bags, 2 cups of fresh mint leaves and 4 cups water. Strain liquid into a jar and allow to cool. To use, dab the mixture on burned skin with a cotton ball or washcloth.

Crumble 1 cup of uncooked oatmeal into a bath of lukewarm water as the bath is filling. Soak 15-20 minutes and gently pat the burned area dry so that a thin coating of the oatmeal remains on your skin. This remedy is good for the itching that comes from a healing burn or sunburn.

For minor burns rub some mustard on the burned area.

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