Saturday, January 17, 2009

Precautions for Head Lice


Do not share personal items like combs, brushes, clips, hair bands, hats, scarves, coats, brushes or towels.

Never try on hats or any headwear while at a shop. This way you put yourself at risk of contracting lice.

Never touch head to head with any person.

For head lice treatment wash your all the clothes after you visit to a hairdresser.

Check your child's hair behind and above the ears and on the back of the neck carefully every day.

If nits are found - thoroughly wash bedding linen, pillows, towels, coats, scarves, hats, brushes, combs, etc. in hot water with tea tree oil or dettol added.

To prevent the spread of head lice, if any family member is infected, treat all members of the family at the same time.

Brush hair vigorously 2-3 times a day using a bristle hairbrush to knock off the nits.

Home Remedies for Piles-Wart

Piles-Wart Remedies

  • Piles-Wart is cured by eating grinded sesame in butter.

  • Add dry ginger powder in buttermilk and drink it to cure piles-wart.

  • Dry piles and Bleeding wart is cured by drinking the mixture of jaggery in buttermilk and indrajav in buttermilk respectively.

  • Pile s-Wart is cured by taking mango seed powder along with honey.

  • Grind sweet nimb leaves in water, filter it and drink it to cure piles-wart.

  • Piles-Wart is cured by drinking a thin gruel of Kalthi's flour (coarse pulse).

  • Dissolve sugar in 1 tsp of bitter gourd's juice and drink it to cure piles-wart.

  • Blood falling from the wart is stopped by eating hot roasted grams.

  • Cut onions in to small pieces and dry it in the sun, from that take little pieces of onion (approx the wt of 1 rupee coin) , fry it in the ghee, add little black sesame and sugar powder and eat it in the morning to cure wart.

  • Grind coriander, heat it, make a bundle and foment with it to relieve the pain caused due to wart.

  • A wart is cured by intaking finely filtered pure turmeric powder along with water before sleeping at night.
    · eating Masoor dal, Roti and butter milk daily, at the same time by eating dal adding in it ghee or butter and at the same time eat all this without chili or hot spices to cure oozing wart.

  • Roast cumin seeds, add equal proportion of black pepper and rock salt in it to make a powder. Intake this powder along with butter milk after meal to cure piles-wart.

  • Mix dry ginger, cumin seed and rock salt powder in thick curd, intake this mixture after meal to cure piles-wart.

  • Piles-Wart is cured by drinking Juwar's starch everyday in the morning.

  • By drinking 1-2 tsp of castor oil along with hot milk relieves pain caused due to piles and also avoids scratches on the anus.

  • Oozing piles is cured by eating mangos teen ketchup along with milk cream.

  • Steam a piece of dry turmeric in Tuver pulse, dry it in shade, grind it in cow ghee, apply this paste on the piles-wart to soften it and to relieve the pain.

  • In the morning when the stomach is empty, take a handful of black sesame, chew it and eat it along with sugar to stop the blood falling from the wart.

  • Soak coriander seeds in water at night, in the morning mash it, drink that water or otherwise coriander juice to stop the blood falling from the wart.

  • Blood falling from the wart is stopped by drinking the decoction of coriander seed and sugar.

  • Grind cumin seeds, make a bundle of it and tie it on the wart to stop the blood falling from it. This also helps in relieving severe pain caused due to wart.