Thursday, March 5, 2009

D.Foods to eat,Foods to avoid


Fats,Oils,Sweets and Refined Carbohydrates

· Use sparingly.
· Restrict adding fats to foods while cooking or at the table-like butter,margarine,gravy,salad dressing,spread.
· Choose few foods that are high in sugar like candy,jelly,honey,sweet desserts,soft drinks.
· Foods like white flour,white bread and polished rice,which are highly refined and low in vitamins & minerals,should be used less frequently.
· Cut down on convenience foods like biscuits,pastries and cakes,as they are rich in invisible fat and refined carbohydrates.

Whole Cereals,Whole Wheat Bread,Brown Rice ( 3-4 servings)

· To get the fibre you need,choose servings made from whole grains, eg. Whole Wheat Bread,Whole wheat flour,DaliA,Wheat flakes,Oatmeal,Brown rice etc.
· Supplement wheat flour with black chana flour to incorporate fibre.
· Do not sieve flour.

Milk,Yoghurt,Cheese (2-3 serves)

· Choose Skimmed milk and non-fat yoghurt.
· 75-100gm cottage cheese/ 200gm of yoghurt supply the same amount of calcium as 1 cup of milk.
· Read labels while purchasing packaged Milk products.

Poultry and Nuts (0-2 serves)

· Use egg white instead of whole egg.
· Nuts are high in fat,so eat them in moderation.

Whole Pulses/Sprouts (1-3 serves)

· Whole pulses,sprouts provide adequate quantity of fibre,minerals and vitamins.These also provide protein.
· Choose soya products such as soya paneer,soya milk and soya yoghurt.


· Choose fresh fruits instead of canned or frozen ones in heavy syrups and sweetened fruit juices.
· Eat whole fruits often-they are higher in fibre content than fruit juices.
· Count only 100% fruit juice as fruit.Punches,ades and most fruit drinks contains only a little juice and lots of added sugar.

Vegetables (5-6 serves)

· Different types of vegetables provide different nutrients.
· Seasonal vegetables have the highest nutrient content.Use raw vegetables as salad.
· Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables.They are especially good sources of vitamins and minerals.
· Cook vegetables lightly by steaming or stir-frying.restrict on the fat you add to the table or during cooking.

C.Calories requirement for different Age Group


Group Calorie Requirement

Men [Sedentary] 2425
Women [sedentary] 1875
Women [Lactating]
0-6 months 2425
6-12months 2275
Boys [ 16-18 yrs] 2640
Girls [16-18yrs] 2060

To lose weight.the medically correct way means that you will have to reduce the calculated calorie intake per day and create a negative calorie balance.This way,your body can burn the excess fat.

Negative Calorie Balance- Negative calorie balance can be created by consuming less calories than the calories you expend in a day.When we consume more calories than what our body uses in a day,the excessive calories get stored in our body in the form of fat.This fat store can be used to provide energy whenever we take in less calories than we need for bodily functions.
Approximately,750 calories will be converted into 100gms of fat in the body.So,if over a period we consume 7,500 calories less,we burn 1kg of fat from our body.

B.Hints for Recording Weight


· Always use the same weighing scale as you get an accurate measure of your progress.
· Make sure you weigh yourself before eating and after going to the bathroom.
· The first thing to do in the morning is to weigh yourself.
· Water retention is a common problem for women before their periods,so don’t get discouraged if you tend to lose less weight during that time of the month.It is only temporary.

A.Getting started on your healthy habits


Think positive.Believe that you will lose weight.You have to really want it to happen.You must do it for yourself,not for anyone else.Think about yourself,your physical and mental well being.Imagine a slimmer,fitter you;it always work.

Take some pictures of yourself and put them up round the house.Put one on the refrigerator door,it will serve as a constant reminder and will strengthen your resolve to lose weight.Looking at the picture every once in a while during the course of your programmewill inspire you to continue.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself,the way you want to look.Do this as often as possible,self visualization is a very powerful tool.Give it a try,everything is worth a try.Imagine yourself getting around without getting out of breath,no more pulled muscles,no more indigestion.People smiling at you,the way you look,as you walk by.Treat yourself every once in a while.Put a little money away every time you resist a food craving and then go and splurge on something that will make you feel special,like a new outfit or make-up.
Remember,you are losing weight for more than just your appearance.You are losing it for the experiences that will come after you have achieved your goal.Always stay focused on why you are doing it.The beauty of the whole experience is that you will never know how good it feels until you get there.