Saturday, March 14, 2009

S. Deviation types

Deviation Types

The weight loss programme depends on how well you are
adhering to it.There may be times when you may deviate
and eat wrong kinds of foods.The correct thing to do at this
time would be to find out why you deviated,what made you
eat that food stuff which you had to avoid.
Don’t wait for any “special” day to start your
weight loss programme.

There are five types of Deviations:

1) Physiological Deviation
It is when you feel really hungry and can no longer control your hunger pangs.Try taking high-fibre foods like vegetables,fruits,salads,whole grains and pulses.These things have more satiety value.

2) Psychological Deviation
Sometimes you may feel hungry just at the mere sight,smell or thought of food.This is not really hunger.It’s best to avoid such situations,which will trigger off an unnecessary session of over-eating.In case you are unable to keep your mind off food,then go in for some very low calorie snacks such as idlis,dhoklas,etc.

3) Emotional Deviation
Some people eat a lot when they are sad,alone,frustrated or sometimes even happy.They resort to overeating as a compensation for being emotionally upset or unstable.Learn to deal with boredom,which leads to compulsive eating.Get yourself involved in different activities,which will keep you well occupied.Learn alternative ways or activities to deal with boredom.

4) Information Deviation
Some people have wrong information regarding foods.It is important to have a good knowledge of health and nutrition,which is relevant to weight loss.Learn some low-calorie recipes and prepare them whenever you feel the urge to have something.

5) Social Deviation
Learn to say “No” whenever someone offers you a high calorie foodstuff.Be assertive and stick to your weight loss plans.

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