Thursday, March 5, 2009

A.Getting started on your healthy habits


Think positive.Believe that you will lose weight.You have to really want it to happen.You must do it for yourself,not for anyone else.Think about yourself,your physical and mental well being.Imagine a slimmer,fitter you;it always work.

Take some pictures of yourself and put them up round the house.Put one on the refrigerator door,it will serve as a constant reminder and will strengthen your resolve to lose weight.Looking at the picture every once in a while during the course of your programmewill inspire you to continue.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself,the way you want to look.Do this as often as possible,self visualization is a very powerful tool.Give it a try,everything is worth a try.Imagine yourself getting around without getting out of breath,no more pulled muscles,no more indigestion.People smiling at you,the way you look,as you walk by.Treat yourself every once in a while.Put a little money away every time you resist a food craving and then go and splurge on something that will make you feel special,like a new outfit or make-up.
Remember,you are losing weight for more than just your appearance.You are losing it for the experiences that will come after you have achieved your goal.Always stay focused on why you are doing it.The beauty of the whole experience is that you will never know how good it feels until you get there.

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