Thursday, March 5, 2009

C.Calories requirement for different Age Group


Group Calorie Requirement

Men [Sedentary] 2425
Women [sedentary] 1875
Women [Lactating]
0-6 months 2425
6-12months 2275
Boys [ 16-18 yrs] 2640
Girls [16-18yrs] 2060

To lose weight.the medically correct way means that you will have to reduce the calculated calorie intake per day and create a negative calorie balance.This way,your body can burn the excess fat.

Negative Calorie Balance- Negative calorie balance can be created by consuming less calories than the calories you expend in a day.When we consume more calories than what our body uses in a day,the excessive calories get stored in our body in the form of fat.This fat store can be used to provide energy whenever we take in less calories than we need for bodily functions.
Approximately,750 calories will be converted into 100gms of fat in the body.So,if over a period we consume 7,500 calories less,we burn 1kg of fat from our body.

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