Friday, March 6, 2009

J.How to order when eating out.

How To Order When Eating Out

· Eat something healty before going out,so you will not be tempted to eat more when at the restaurant.

· Read the menu carefully to judge which are the least fatty foods.

· Choose clear soups instead of creamy ones.Clear soups are just as nutritious

and filling but don’t contain as much fat.

· Green salads and veggies with low fat dressings are deliciously refreshing

and contain lesser fat.Lemon juice,salt,pepper and vinegar are great low-fat

dressings.Avoid potato and macaroni salads as they are high in calories.

· Choose grilled,steamed or poached foods over those with rich,creamy


· Choose tandoori roti,rumali roti or missi roti over breads with high butter


· Grilled items like tandoori chicken pasta with tomato sauce and paneer

tikka make great entrees.

· Specify that you would prefer as little use of butter and oil in your dishes.

· Try to resist ordering dessert,but if you must,then choose fresh fruit or frozen


· While traveling for business or pleasure,pre-plan meals and snacks to

reduce stress and to keep your energy high.Take along mineral water,iced

tea,vegetable juice and some low fat snacks like whole wheat

sandwiches,salad and fresh fruits.

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