Saturday, March 7, 2009

K.Food Myths

Food Myths

1. Juices help reduce weight and cut calorie intake.

Fact: Juices are concentrated sources of energy and have

added sugar content.Eating whole fruit would be

more beneficial for your health.

2. Refined oils are 99% fat free.

Fact: All refined oils are 99% fat,irrespective of their

composition and trade name.1tsp refined oil gives

45 calorie.

3. Honey is good for weight loss.

Fact: Honey consists of 75% sugar (glucose and fructose)

and 25% water.It increases the blood sugar and

provides 3 calorie per gram of honey.

4. Toasted bread has less calories than the normal bread.

Fact: Toasted bread only converts starch into dextrins.

The calorie count however remains the same.

1 slice of bread= 70 calorie.

5. Healthy food means bland food.

Fact: This is not true.Traditional spices provide the

necessary taste and flavour to the food.At the same

time,they are rich in micronutrients,anti-oxidants

and fibre.There is no reason to avoid spices,unless

they are not tolerated.The only restrictive feature

of a healthy diet is its low salt and fat content.

6. Fat content of milk may be reduced by adding water.

Fact: If water is added,all other nutrients in milk also

get diluted.Skimming is the best way to remove

fat from the milk.Other nutrients are retained in

skimmed milk.

7. Low calorie foods can be eaten in unlimited amounts.

Fact: Even low calorie foods have calories which add up

and must be burned off regardless of what kind of

food we eat.Balance is the key to success.

8. Buttermilk has only carbohydrates.

Fact: Buttermilk is a very good source of proteins & calcium.

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