Saturday, March 7, 2009

N. Activity Pattern

Activity Patterns

Reduced energy expenditure in adults has been shown to correlate with subsequent weight gain.

Dietary restriction,when coupled with increased physical activity,is better in reducing body weight.

The energy utilization for certain activities are listed below:

1.Jogging or Running for 1 hour (13mph) – 600 Kcal
2.Cycling for 1 hour (14mph) – 450 Kcal
3.Tennis (game for 1 hour) – 350 Kcal
4.Walking for 1 hour (5kmph) – 180 Kcal

Besides calorie expenditure,physical activity contributes to the total health status of the individual.It helps diabetics by improving the insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.It results in lowering the blood pressure for hypertensives and helps in increasing the cardio-respiratory fitness.

The crucial technique of managing obesity is to alter eating behavior permanently and making activity patterns a part of your lifestyle.

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