Saturday, March 7, 2009

P. Easy ways to boost your activity level

Easy Ways To Boost Your Activity Level

• Walk as much as possible throughout the day,
use your car as less as possible.

• Always take the stairs instead of the elevator.

• When parking your vehicle,park it as far away as possible
from where you want to go.

• Hide all your remote controls,operate everything manually.

• Whenever possible,stand instead of sitting.If you are desk
bound at work,stand up when you are on the phone,
walk over to give messages to colleagues rather than
using e-mail or phone.During breaks at work,
walk the stairs,around the building or down the halls.

• While doing household chores,exaggerate your movements
and make them big.

• Plant a garden,take up gardening as a hobby.

Spend quality time outdoors with your children
or grand children.

Take up an outdoor game or any other activity
you might enjoy.

Try to work out as much as possible,but at your own pace.
Reward yourself,not by getting yourself a snack,but may be
buying a new wardrobe for your trim body.

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