Saturday, March 7, 2009

O. Walk daily,Be fit for life

Walk Daily,Be Fit For Life

· Whatever your age,whatever your level of fitness,walking is the
simplest and most effective form of activity for losing weight.

· While walking you should wear loose clothes and
well-fitting canvas shoes.

· Start at a slow pace and be careful to build up your speed
and distance gradually.

· Walk briskly with rhythmic movement of your arms and feet.
Walk fast enough to become a little breathless and slightly
tired but never leave yourself gasping for air or completely
exhausted.You should be comfortable enough to carry
on a conversation while walking.

· Regular walks will slowly improve your heartbeat,endurance
and all-round level of fitness.

· Walking builds long lean muscles,which help in burning
calories all the time,day and night,even while you are asleep.

· Preferable walk on an empty stomach or
2-3 hours after the last meal.

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