Saturday, March 7, 2009

Q. Tips to control your food intake

Tips To Control Your Food Intake

Keep a daily record of your food intake in the diet diary.

Do not shop when you are hungry.Buy only non-fattening
food.Read labels carefully before buying.

Always eat in one room,at the same place and avoid
pairing your eating with other activities like watching tv,
cooking or reading.

Always keep at hand low-calorie foods to use as snacks.
like fruits and raw vegetables.

• If you feel like nibbling on something ,you can have
“saunf”,”ilaichi” or nibble on pieces of chopped apple,etc.

Make small portions of food appear larger by using
a small plate or by spreading the food.

Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly.This helps to eat
less food but absorb more vitamins and minerals.

Store food wisely.Keep high calorie items in places which
are hard to reach,like high shelves.

Don’t think just because you are eating low fat/low calorie
food,you can eat all you want.The calories still add up and
must be burned off.Balance is the key to success.

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